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Single-crystal X-ray analysis

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    "Rules of Operation 1. The sample is examined under the microscope to see if it is suitable for single-crystal X-ray analysis.A person submits a sample and fills the CUNY X-ray Facility Submission form with identification of the researcher, affiliation, chemical information, crystallization solvents and methods, a preliminary chemical structure, optical activity, chemical nomenclature of the compound, molecular numbering system, synthetic schemes, etc. The form also asks if the sample should be returned or destroyed after the X-ray analysis. 2. The sample is examined under the microscope to see if it is suitable for single-crystal X-ray analysis. 3. The sample is either accepted for X-ray analysis or rejected as judged from the microscopic information. Many times it is accepted on a conditional basis. The condition is usually that attempts will be made to collect data but nothing is assured that a crystal from the sample will produce a molecular structure. If a sample is accepted, data is collected and then reduced to obtain structure factors, which are used to solve and refine the molecular structure. The final products of the single-crystal X-ray analysis are ORTEP drawing(s) and a CIF file of the molecular structure, which can be used for publication."
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    X-ray Diffraction Facility
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    Imaging technique
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